Something Funny Happened

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So a funny thing happened today. Let me fill you in a little bit so it makes sense. I tend to run off at the mouth and then I will get this dumb look from others as I realize I hadn’t taken into account they were not there. So from the beginning……

About a month ago I was involved in a conversation with my friend about another person of interest. The conversation was about how this one person, I will call A, was mad at the other person whom I will call T because of unanswered texts. I listened half hearted at a menu of reason why T should have text him back right away. “Was it life or death” I asked as he stood before me eyes glaring. He wanted reassurance that he was right and T had wronged him. The text was a few days old at the time so I asked him to retext.

Life goes on, yada yada, and I completely forgot about the texting conversation until once again I heard the story from A. It had evolved as he tried to text him again and to no avail had he returned it. Now I heard other questions coming form my friends mouth. “Do you think he’s mad at me? Could I have done something to offend him?” I didn’t know, how could I yet I was being asked to relate to him a story he wanted to hear. I hadn’t talked to T either. (Oh see I already forgot to tell you he lives in the same building as us.) I suggested he go upstairs and knock on his door. No that wasn’t an option. He was offended. I shrugged my shoulders and just said “that’s what I would do, there must be an explanation.”

Now it’s about a month later and the conversation had never come up so I thought it was resolved. We were walking up the drive after our fitness and we saw T driving toward us with another person we knew. He rolled down the window and waved to me but seemed to ignore A. Now I thought that something was definitely off. A walked on and T said nothing more than “Hi how is it going to me.” Another question was why and I soon got the answer from A in another speech of the same old thing.

Let me continue yet the story could go on forever but it didn’t. Today as we were parking I saw T across the road by his car. I was determined to get to the bottom of this and it would be now. So I walked up toT and noticed A hang back. I asked him the same question that had started this whole menagerie hoping for some kind of reconciliation.

Guess what, he had text him. Lots and lots of text in return to the original. He too was upset because of no response. OMG. Two grown men and they couldn’t walk up or down to meet the other half way and ask the question “Whats up.” So they figured it out and like two little boys sauntered away happy as they could be to enjoy each others company leaving me to carry the groceries without help.

Boys will be Boys.

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