It’s 11am, do you know where you are?

In your head?

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It’s 11am and I’m home. I can call it a day off, a rest day, mental health day but what I really want to call it is a “Get out of my head day.”

Sleeping is so relaxing because on one end your body is immobilized and healing and other the other end, I can say the head end, we are out of our minds. When we have a good sleep we wake up relaxed and ready to conquer the day. We have been out of your mind and in some fashion being who we really are.

We are creatures of habit, habits form our waking hours, actualize our day and create the lives we live. It’s like playing poker with ourselves, none revealing their hand, afraid to do so in case one may loose. Should we care? I thought so yet after thinking about it I had decided it better to just lay down the hand I am given and proceed accordingly. Is it about winning or loosing in a 24 hour period? Makes we wonder.

Am I out of my mind? I’d like to so, because if I am maybe I actually have a chance. Do I care about what I have left to do, of my life. Do we need to reconcile where we have been (the past?) Do we walk directly into the path of the future? I think we need to not think so much, because if we pay attention to where we have been the future we just run us over without regret. It will then be us once again regretting a past that we had not recognized.

So today I decided to get out of my head and into the realizations of what I can do differently to change up the pattern. “The pattern is the pattern” yet we can change those patterns we all have and develop a mind richer in who are are. We can let the what we are become the focus of how we live out our lives in a more respectful way. I’m talking about loving ourselves more.

All I have to do is move over to the side of the road, view what I want, the career I have, the relationships I have and let life do the rest. Then instead of getting run over by the future before I see it and letting the past push me around I get to see clearly who, what and how I run my life. Run away I say and find yourself a winner to the experiences you have and not a participant in a race you never signed up for. So here I am and there I go. Ready, willing and able to be me.

Writing is my filter and today I do it differently. I will let you know if I get anywhere.

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