Dark Mode

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

Great Idea.

We can begin upside down, inside out, left to right and right to left. Thoughts are like roads we walk-on, paths we follow or the directions we have through a map. There are many ways of looking differently, yet to realize this we also have to visualize the question. “How do we change the mind to accept new thoughts?”

We have an idea, (our road) as it rounds its way through the path of decision and indecision. We understand that we have thoughts, interpretations, beliefs, yet again to change the path, the idea or belief is like trying to hard wire our electricity box when we are not even an electrician.

Black and white, dark mode, white light we see only grey. Standing on our heads we see different yet we soon see the same. We always figure it out. Yet what we have to do is erase the path, the minds ideas of self preservation and actually see things differently. Believe that we can do better, be better and think in better ways. Can we be more positive, get out of our way and love more?

I say if you have a road the you go down, a path you follow and can see what’s ahead, instead of moving forward move to the side, get off the path and stand still. Be a watcher of your own destiny as it goes by and decide if you like where it’s going.

Sometimes we can see our future from where we stand in our past. That is the present moment where all things are neutral, where the truth is pure and realized because we do know if we look at it differently we can see our world as it really is.

Peace out and be right here, right now and feel freedom form within.

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