Soccer Practice

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So it’s soccer Thursday. Every Thursday, and it’s my day to take my grandson to soccer practice. Bouncing balls, kicking legs, little tikes running around pretending to be their favourite soccer star. Yup soccer practice for the not so timid.

We live on the west coast and soccer is an all weather thing. Theres no ah it’s raining better cancel. We suck it up put the big boy/girl pants on and go stand on the side lines. There’s no complaining while the young ones run around and get wet, not in front of them anyways. Why are we complaining? We have a choice to stay in the warm car and watch from a dry place while the children look over and give us the not so clean thumbs up. We drag them there, tell them to tough it out while we don’t.

This isn’t my first rodeo as soccer mom. I raised two boys who also were dragged to practice from a warm house into their rain gear and out out to get muddy and wet. Ask me why and I will give you the general answer because….. that’s what we do. Soccer is an all weather sport and it makes you tough. Blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a soccer fan. I’m also a baseball fan and a hockey fan too. I have all the necessary gear for the sidelines, especially since I’ve done it before. I’ve learned to dress, layer, and remember the forgotten water bottles as well as bring the handy dandy gadgets for compromise if there’s other’s not participating. There’s small tents now to sit in with blankets. No more running around to keep warm.

So soccer Saturday is around the corner. Three kids, three games and a hockey Sunday as well. I will come armed with coffee in my mug, blankets for the little ones and a downloaded movie. I will be prepared to hear the too young to play say, as they do frequently, “Grandma I’m bored, can I have your phone/IPad to watch a movie.”

It’s all good on the pitch. I will look down and smile and without words I will say sure because what they don’t know yet is, their turn is coming.

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