It Must Be Winter We Upped Our Cable Channels

Photo by Huỳnh Đạt on

It’s raining again and it’s getting cold. Life on the west coast can be like this. You either have to be a seagull or a duck to live here. Cloudy days, grey rain and darkness for days on end. Instead of the fog that rolls in, in the morning and rolls out at night we have rain that rolls in, in October and rolls out sometime in April. Life on the west coast. The Pacific Northwest, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else though.

During this time we have a routine. Besides getting out the rubber boots, rain gear and mittens we also call up the cable guy and have our cable upgrade for those long wet nights. We then do it again in the spring when the weather upgrades’ the sun begins to come through and my bike gets tuned up. This time though it’s in the opposite direction, we downgrade to minimum channels for the summer months. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that do this, when the bikes and hiking boots get put away the couch potatoes come our way.

I think by this paragraph you have guessed I’m not a raining day gal. I do admit I have my favourite seasons and this time of year it’s not. There is not much to grey skies and downpours, yet I do admit I’m still outside hiking around most days. Today the cable guy came, you’d think Christmas is tomorrow and we now have more channels than we know what to do with. Choices come easy packages do not. What do we watch tonight? The wind is howling, waves on the shores, boats bouncing about in the tides and rain coming down.

I will once again get out the hat give everyone a few minutes to go over the guide, write out their nomination and have the neutral person, me, pick one randomly. What will it be, hockey or old movies, animal kingdom or space? Warm blankets, hot food, great company I think that’s all that matters. Everyone will eventually get their turn. We have 6 months to get through all the channels be all that we want to be before Spring comes around again.

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