Guess Who Came To Supper

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I’ve Been waiting for this day for a few weeks. Yes it has been on my mind as to how it would turn out and did it matter, well I guess it did.

Moving into a new neighbourhood can be exciting and daunting at the same time. I am familiar with the city as I’ve lived here before but not in the community I’m in. It was big decision to move from the valley, which I grew to love, to a harbour city in which I have always had a love hate relationship with. It mostly had to do with my children who wanted their mom to live closer. “We will be able to visit more” was the taunt and I bought into it. Yet that’s not the story, it’s just the background.

I am almost there in liking it here. We live within the industrial corridor and it’s eclectic. Different people come and go literally from those that have to those unfortunate that do not. Its’ a old neighbourhood with a vision to stay the same and not go condo ballistic.

So now that I have set the background for the story I will get to the meat and potatoes. We live in a small building of 14 units all owner lived and we have been here since March. We have been saying since then we should have a meet and greet with everyone and until today it has not been done. No that’s not the story either, so hold on. About 3 weeks ago we were told it was one of the neighbours birthday and we would be invited up for whatever it would be. Ok, sounds like the beginning of knowing someone in the building so I said yes. All good. I think we had been told a open house just bring something and a drink. Ok again all good. I was excited.

Today comes and it’s time to head up. No expectations, I did know them on a one time, “Hello can you let me in I forgot my key.” Yet today would be a, to tell the truth kinda meeting. His wife told me her excitement as both my partner and her husband, the birthday boy, were both veterans and “lifers.” All good. It would be interesting for sure. We knocked on the door and we’re let in. Oh boy we are the only ones to arrive. In fact the only ones except another tenant younger than us, no one else came. 4 people, the wife had stepped out, and what to do about a conversation. Disfunction into function. Someone had to take the lead, so I did. I knew it would be hours of conversation about the military but I jumped in. So…………. tell me you’re story.

I offered round some app’s I had brought and settled in for a 2 way conversation. All good. I know I have said that too much and I do apologize but all good. A unlikely group of people from different walks of life are now gathered together to hear stories from people they may never had known. This is a great story.

We live and we learn. We could never learn unless we take chances. I took a chance today to get out of my comfort zone to learn about someone else. To hang with a different generation of persons and get to know their story. Ask people over, ask people you may never ask over. You will never have a better time. It was awesome.

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