Hockey And Our Sunday Fare

It’s Hockey and it is Sunday. Most of the time here it’s Hockey Night In Canada and Saturdays. It’s also pizza night. Three for three, hip hip hurray.

I started my day by going to my granddaughter’s hockey game. Kids, ice, hot drinks and food. I look about and see the dreams of adults in the uniforms of the kids. It was a president day for all of us as my granddaughter scored her first goal. Yup proud as proud can be. She being only one of two girls on her mixed squad, she always wants to step up her game. Game over we had a win but my win is yet to come.

So how does this go, Hockey and Sunday? Well, maybe it’s the hockey and maybe it’s the pizza all depends on whom to talk too. There is always an organized agenda, because to have pizza in our house usually means fitness of some kind. Couching it comes later when we are all too pooped to participate. Isn’t this redundant you may ask, well, maybe. I know mother may I, yes you may but how many miles did you do? Whatever.

Did I mention hockeys on again, now as we await the delivery of the savoury cheese filled gooey monstrosity we have ordered. Whose the favourite team and again into the hat the teams go and that’s what we watch, or the news. Because not everyone wants to watch hockey.

Love your life people it could end tomorrow. Do what you do and make it fun. I learned that today as a proud person who sat in the stands and cheered on a little girl with big dreams. We sometimes forget that we become so serious as we get older, so much to accomplish so much to deliver. Let’s deliver ourselves to the happiness pile. Try something new to the Sunday menu, good for you or not. Go for a walk, hike run or run to get groceries. Leave the car and the worries behind. Laugh like a child, believe in the unbelievable and find joy in those that surround you.

Ding dong pizza is here. Good night y’all. Enjoy like tomorrow will never come and the tomorrows after are filled with all you hope for. Trust the universe and it will deliver.

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