I Am Thinking

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

I am thinking, today anyways. Some days I leave my mind somewhere else and behave like a no mind. Which is better? I guess I would be dependent on where my head is at. Am I seeing in a higher purview getting the bigger picture or am I up my butt where it’s dark and morbid. Somedays…….!

Today I feel like genius and it feels good. I am amazed when the light comes on and all the thoughts in my mind are positive and productive. Who I am, what I am and how I am living in my world is available and known. The counterproductive end is of course the “other end” I should on those days just sit on the toilet and let the flushing do the talking because that’s what it feels like. I believe though, I need both kinds of days. Those that are productive and those odd days of counter production. As I birth my ideas I see who I am and what I want to do with what I have. Am I blinded by the light bulb and then when I get used to the brightness I am a discover’er of mental health? Then there are those other days. The ones we choose not to be involved in. The mental breakdown of it all because we cannot seem to stop falling down, falling apart or falling into the pit of our emotional messes. Crap happens. The toilet is the let go when we can mentally tally the day as a loss with “I will try again tomorrow.” That is turning it around. The pepto bismal of mental thought.

We are survivors. make sure you have the tools necessary to float through the shit when it happens and to flow through the waters of life when we can. Today’s thoughts transcend me to a higher plane where I seem to be acquiring knowledge. Tomorrow I may fall smack on my head and wonder what the fck happened. I will survive. I am a volcano and I a ready to bubble over.

Peace out everyone. Be real.

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