What Are You Listening To?


“Hello, may I ask what you’re listening to?” I think about stopping people all the time to ask them just that. The curiosity around this subject is enticing. Today on my power walk I began to notice how many people were out with their earphones snuggly in place. Smiles on, jacket and gloves they marched along at their own pace tuned in or maybe tuned out.

Some walked slow and methodic, I will call them the turtles. Others seemed like jack rabbits bouncing down the seawall in a hurry. Where were they going and why did they have to get there so fast. Some on lunch hour some on days off they were out side today. I too came out of my hide’y hole enchanted with the sunshine. We have had a lot of rain lately which endorses, the “stay at home” idea. As I too hurried about on my own agenda and as I listened to my audible my curiosity got the best of me. I knew what I was listening to but who or what did they listen too.

I viewed the world differently as I made up stories about the people I saw. Imagined some listening to music declaring the type by the clothes they wore. I could see mouths singing along and or fingers tapping out the music. I knew that somewhere some of those were on audible. The faces of seriousness and concentration, the not so brisk steps as they slowed down to listen better. Maybe I would also include the very few who talked to someone somewhere else. Lastly and I shall not put them last but first are those who can sit on a bench release themselves from all activity, mind body and soul.
So what do you listen to, while you walk, run or sit on a bench in contentment of the day. Are you a serious thinker, a romanticist or a learner. Do you listen to music as you walk or run about your day, before or after lunch, on your way home from a days earnings. Do you leave the planet in search of higher authority, mindfulness or maybe get down to the most danceable music you can find.

I wish I would have stopped them, asked them, included them in my own conversation of “what do you listen to.” Yet why would I when they were so inclusive to what they did. So happy to be outside and out of their minds, I couldn’t waste those precious moments when we can all tune in, or tune out for just a little while.

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