Biology of Belief

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If what you believe is true, is it? If what is true is true do you still believe it? If who you are is your biology can you find truth in this statement?

Am I the biology of my beliefs? Could it be another way of stating “and therefore I Am?” We know biology as a system of science and cells. What if we are our biology? ? I guess it would come down to how well we know ourselves. Our thoughts are contained in our actions, our actions are the default of our sub conscious that already has the answer before we do. In a way I am asking who runs the show? Is it the person that stands in her body or is it some past notion recognized by as a “oh yeah we have been here before,” and acts on it. A reference, a book mark and reminder of how it was done in another place another time?

Who controls our biology if its not us? Do we live out our lives as a collective? One in which thoughts become traumatic if we allow it or positive if we understand it? To understand it, can we then leave it all behind. I want this to be my life, lived by no regret in a time when I make up my mind, as it is my mind, and not any other generation before me. Let’s not do it the way our parents did, our past generations did, like history did. New, exciting, adventurous. Lets fly by the seat of our pants and make a new history which never becomes history because it is always in the making.

The biology of belief make sure it’s yours, before making it real.

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