Bad grandma!

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Am I a bad grandma? Maybe!

Do I do as I’m told? Sometimes!

Will I ever get it? Probably not!

I love my grandkids and they love me. They call me the “Yes” grandma. Not sure if that’s a good thing but I will take it as it is. “Attention please I am not a bad grandma in the way most people think, I’m just me grandma.” I am not your typical grandma, I’m the mamma bear, the influencer and the protagonist. Also a pretty great care giver. What makes me the other word, “bad”? It’s nothing more than not listening to some of the things I have on my check list. They may not get to bed on time, they may watch a movie not allowed, (all in good taste) and maybe a video game after homework. Take note I said “after” homework. I think I love to be bad because it’s my expression of being loving, to be able to give in, give up something not allowed and be brave to get yelled at. The kids think it’s funny and so do I. It’s not that I’m “Dis’ing” the parents, it’s just fun to try and get away with it. My kids were unlucky, their grandma lived far away so on a day to day basis there was no grannie love, no “please mom don’t let the kids do that” as I can do now.

Today I did it and tomorrow I will again. I will probably let the kids go crazy to use up their energy by chasing me around the house. Take them the long way home so we will be late, homework can wait. A video game on a weekday can sometimes cure the blues and if they don’t like what mom made for supper, bad grandma will make them something else, something mom will eat as well (LOL).

Being a BAD grandma is all in a days work. It’s done with all the love and compassion I have. The belief that different is good in moderation, timing is everything, as we need to get it all done before mom gets home and the joy of teasing the parents is all in fun.

Peace out and if you’re a mom let grandma be bad once in awhile because it’s all in a days work.

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