Wantons and Wisdom

Photo by Ammar Ahmed on Pexels.com

Saturday, the 6th day of the week, first day of the weekend, sleeping in on a good day or having to get up and keep moving as if it’s any other day.

So when we decided to get up early and pack our backpacks we made this Saturday a day of Something we called Wantons and Wisdom. Wantons and Wisdom meant a trek into the city by bus. It also meant sitting down at our favourite soup dumpling place for a few hours of eating, laughing and discussing anything we wanted. No holding back on this Saturday we all had a book full of notes we had taken and ideas we felt we could represent to the whole. Wantons and Wisdom was an idea we had awhile back when we tired of taking most of the day to decide where we wanted to go and who was in charge. This usually happened only once a month when our calendars all aligned and we could come together as group. It didn’t start out as a trip or an idea to sit down and eat but a chance to explore the city, do something we all liked to do and then of course eat. We could have called it pizza and pleasure or doughnuts and do nots yet there’s something about soup dumplings that make your mouth water. Is it the juice inside the dumpling, the warm broth that surrounds your mouth in pleasure or the laughter that just happens as someone gets juice down their chin.

Todays soup wisdom to discuss was “whatever your heart desires,” which is the topic we chose. You see our wantons come with a talking spoon. As we go around the table we can choose something to say before we eat the dumpling. The general topic is predesignated but you can expand you self identity as long as you stay within the topic itself. So, whatever your heart desires lets us discuss emotions or emotional boundaries. Maybe future trips on our individual bucket list or the next topic for Wantons and Wisdom. As we all waited for our bowls or steamers to arrive we waited in anticipation of that moment when the staff would bring our food thank us for coming and leave us for the next while to enjoy. One by one we took deep breaths, inhaling the smell of broth, the uniquely pressed together dumpling that we couldn’t figure out how they got the juice inside. “Family secret” we would be told and then we would all laugh, mouths full and not caring how funny we looked.

This particular Saturday I called ahead and told them we were coming and could they do something out of the ordinary for me. Of course they would and what could it be. I asked them to make 5 dumplings one for each bowl with a fortune inside. I left it up to them as to how they would make that work, while trying to keep my enthusiasm down a whole lot. On arrival we took our seats, did the usual and waited. I couldn’t know exactly how this would be pulled off yet I knew it would. One by one the bowls were delivered and I wondered, for I too would be surprised.

I couldn’t know when each of us would get the dumpling, the anticipation causing me to act out of character. One by one it began and as we spoke of our hearts desire we ate and we pulled a fortune out of the dumpling. By amazement it worked. The people who knew us so well did such a good job of making each fortune become part of the hearts desire I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t let on it was me and I pulled it off.

So Wantons and Wisdom got us through another Saturday of love laughter and family. We knew our schedules would take us to other commitments and journeys for a while to come but now it was game on and who knows what the next Wanton and Wisdom Saturday would bring us in togetherness.

Peace out and love your family. Find a little wisdom in whichever you choose no matter what day it is.

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