Whats In A Word?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ever stare at the letters that make up a word and they seem all wrong? Word. Word up, word to the wise. What is the true definition of word? I am word, you are word, it is the word of all. We read words on a page and it makes up a story. We may tell our selves a story made up of words and there is always the word formed by a bunch of single letters grouped together it make one.

I thought to myself today and about the word, word and could I define myself with and through a word? I am, (Word). Would I make up a word without it having a true meaning and then give it life? Guess what I just made up a word. Words give you faith, they can also take away your faith in mankind. Words can become loving and kind then turn upside down and be ugly and mean. How can words mean two things at the same time?

Words in a dictionary have no meaning, their just words on a page that someone at sometime in history gave it a meaning and made it mean something. Those too are words. Truth that too is a word.

Waking, talking they are action words. Peace and belief they too are words not often used. We seem to use other words not so endearing more often. Most of the time we use fake words when we make up stories in venues where whomever reads them doesn’t even know us. Fake words with no meaning.

Word to the wise, be present in all you word up. Be alive in the words you use to present yourself in a better way. Give you self a present and use the word love, joy and happy more often. Word!

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