What Are Your Fail/Safes?

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

What are fail/safes? How many do you have? I have a lot, too many to reveal. I have some for days when I want to procrastinate, others when winning becomes too hard and more when I realize failing is easier than overcoming adversity.

My pockets some days are so full there is no need to pick them to find which one to use. I think they are all general to every topic I can think about. The times when I have to stand up and move mountains, I have a shovel to dig myself in deeper. When I have a decision to make concerning my future, say a change of career, I can pull a card that says why, it’s safer to stay put. What about simple things like hobbies? Those are my acceptance and rejection cards. All I have to do is think I may want to try something new and I reach into my pocket pull out the stories of how I will look silly, be incompetent or not be good at it and the card has done its job. You’ll find me on the couch with a bag of chips and a sad movie. Who gets me, I am the only one that can.

If you belong, most of the time we don’t, we are accepted and rejection is just a foreign word. If you try, fail/safe can’t play because no matter the outcome we have faced our fears. The last but not the least is to listen to your guts. It’s your best defence against fail/safe. Butterflies and upset tummies are a good indiction too query. Asking yourself why be defensive when offence is the ones to score the goals. To see enemies before you, these are usually the stories we all ourselves, are illusions, unless they are real, and then the story would have a different outcome. Always remember you employ your own defence and those are the truths that stand behind you preparing you to spring forward into whatever your heart desires. To tell ourselves no we can’t is the story and the only truth lies in the honesty that you did try and it worked out the way it did. Now you can move on into another adventure and try again. Choose something, try everything and challenge its outcome. In the end you will have changed into a more represented persona on who you really are.

No more fail/safe just push the button.

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