CAPhoto by David Bartus on Pexels.com

What’s the reason for purpose? Can I really say I’m in purpose? Are you in purpose? Is the world in purpose?

Ok then now what? What are we to do with this information? I’m supposing you said something about the purpose part and gave me information. To be in purpose how does that come about? Is it purposeful for me to tell you that even though I was a misunderstood child, I should smile because it was in purpose? What about someone else whose been a victim of someone else or of circumstance? Is evil purposeful? Pretty powerful stuff I would say.

So say we are, all in purpose. It doesn’t matter what that purpose is, yet it needs to be fulfilled? Do we have free will to change it, move it forward or backward in time, release it so it never comes about? That in itself is purpose proposed. I think I’d try to experiment with this, maybe we all should. For one day, 12 hours, we should all try to figure out what our purpose could be. Don’t be shy, be powerful in your attempt to figure out why you are here and even who put you here.

Could we be predestined to a purpose? Maybe predisposed too acting and reacting to certain situations, is that purpose? What if free will doesn’t exist because we are just puppets on strings. Who are the puppeteers and can we get away? Far out man, so far out it is in my face. Tomorrow for those 12 hours I will try to act out purpose, see the experiences that happen to me, for me and through me and try to figure out the bigger picture. Can I learn something more about me or even about someone else? That person that always grates me the wrong way, the employee that’s always acting out of context or even my partner when I don’t understand him. Are these people all in purpose. Do they feel the same as me?

What can I learn from this, even in those moments of darkness when I see everything falling apart, is they’re truth here. Can someone really be in purpose and be negative and (for lack of a better word) evil? One thing I do know that if we are all in purpose why wouldn’t we try to be the best “in purpose” person we could be? What If that purpose is only to awake each morning face the mirror and smile. Then take that smile into our day even if it’s crappy, a smile can go a long ways into melting a ton of ice.

I want to believe I have a purpose and I also want to believe that I can change those experiences that bring me a purpose that I don’t understand. To gain the knowledge to help those that do not know their purpose to find it and believe there is still good in this world of ours, even in our darkest days.

Love, loves through us and then like tendrils attaches onto another creating a purpose that is in contact with both. Honour yourself, truth is the most powerful tool we all possess and that in itself is Purpose.

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