Instantaneous Whatever

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Instantaneous This, Instantaneous That, I just want it now.

Instantaneous gratification, something I still can’t wrap my head around. My mind that’s another matter and another story. Instant, now, yesterday, some of the words I can come up with when I think of the word instantaneous. When I think of the word gratification I’m not necessarily putting the two together. Gratitude to me involves patience, compassion and understanding. The fact that it takes time to produce a quality action not something as quick as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Hey it’s magic.

Today I was standing in line at Food Koma, my new favourite for take out, and I was about third in line. It wasn’t too busy and it also takes time to make good food, had to add that. In front of me was a mom and her kids, not young enough to carry and old enough to know what patience is. I waited for it to be my turn which was quicker than I thought. Not two seconds after my order was in, the lady in front of me about five seconds all I could hear is, “Is it ready yet?” Come on it’s only been enough time for the poor guy to walk to the back to start the food let alone being done. “No not yet.” I heard. I also had heard him say she would be about a fifteen minute wait time and I heard no complaint then. “Are you sure?” she said again over and above the sound of people eating, laughter and the hockey game. “I can’t believe it’s taking so long.” Long? Ah I don’t think so she hasn’t even had time to walk over to the forks and knives yet. Her voice kept getting louder, as if her mouth only uttered “Attention, Attention, I want attention.” Instantaneous Gratification?

Why is it we seem to have lost the power of gratitude, patience and understanding? Do we not feel sorry for the people in the hospitality business? It’s not as if the poor guy was not trying, he had three orders on the go and was still smiling over her ranting. Her children ran about under tables and almost upending the order in front of hers while she still couldn’t believe why it was taking so long. I almost said through my teeth “If you wanted fast you should have gone to 7-11!” Good food takes care and attention. We are so self centred in this era of gratification, instant seems to be the buzz word. It’s not only in what I observed but also in grocery lines, retail outlets and any other place that you need time for delivery.

Let’s try to be more conscientious, be more willing to slow down, more appreciating of what we have and what others do for us. Not be instant in what we want but to be willing to work toward it. Start by giving more time to something that may need it, not to over buy and have to return just to enjoy it for an “Instant”. Work at your ethics when it comes to the values we hold true.

So think about it and I bet you can come up with stories of your own where you witnessed this thing called Instantaneous Gratification, but be careful if you act upon it you may Instantly Combust.

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