A night without hope

Its a night without hope. Lost in my thoughts I cannot seem to find the right word to explain myself. I really haven’t figured out how to help myself through this dilemma. Who would have known let alone thought for one second I’d be in this space without my backups. We all have backup plans, places to search, in times of need, yet I have nothing. Nothing do you read me, I’m sitting here on the couch it’s Friday night, 3 grandkids staring at as if I’m an alien. Mouths open in awe they just stare with their eyes asking me why. They then speak in tongues trying to sort this out, projecting the ESP to me, wanting to know if I can use my magical powers. Well I can send them to bed to read I’m told that’s it is archaic to think that way. Take a shower I suggest maybe I will have figured out a plan by then. We’re in the dark they say, the dark ages.
One big breath away from insanity I have an idea. I run to the cupboards pulling everything out. There in the back I can see the boxes staring back at me. The cardboard brittle from non use I can hear them praising me. Do they feel useful? One by one I pull them out and lay them on the table drawing the kids in for a look. Eyes wide open it’s as if a memory of times past flickered in their knowing. “I remember these” one says.
We open a box as if it were a Christmas gift and sit down. The players take their places and the dice is rolled. Looking around I see smiles and teeth then laughter. The night had begun as if in a horror show and now we have a family show.

Well miracles do happen. I thought I was done but now I can say “ No internet who cares. “ We did it.

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