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Move, move it, move on, up or along. Move your body, move in motivation. Movement to improve ones perspective or just old moving.

When we move in anticipation of the music, we dance. If there’s something to fear we move away from the fear and sometimes we run. Hunger has us moving toward the kitchen to receive a well deserved delight whether you cooked or not. ” Get the popcorn, Ive got the drinks’, has us moving in front of the TV because we are about to watch a movie. All kinds of moving in any direction you choose. It’s all in a days work this movement thing, we do it all the time.

What happens though when we realize we need to move away from something? You’re neighbourhood, now that you’re off to University. Maybe you find yourself downsizing or moving because you need a bigger house? You loved that house, the people next door yet now it’s time to move on. We then leave a piece of us behind until the “new Place” fills us up again. Then there’s death, that is the ultimate movement, moving above and beyond the human self. This one isn’t hard if you are the one that died but if your left behind it can be super hard to move on.

One we haven’t talked abut yet is when our own personal space, box or attitude becomes to small and we need to get out. Moving away from the emotions that tie us up, inside the box, and won’t allow us to move. Moving out of our heads is hard. To have to put aside our goals, plans and aspirations, ones we have carried around with us forever takes a lot of courage. Can we believe, we can leave the box, actually break it down and recycle it? This way one never returns and is movement in a valuable way. It takes work, authenticity and strength to divulge sensitive information to yourself and make you not just believe yet understand it. Movement is a dance of the mind, moving in a better direction is fearless and Move Out becomes your favourite new movie.

Live your life without boxes, be simple and minimal as you plan your life, change your attitude and find compromise when the box gets small.

Peace out as you move on, move up and move along with the tide.

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