Having A Beer With The Boys

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m having a beer with the boys. It’s my first time being invited and I thought I should go and see what all the hoopla is all about. I have heard a lot about having beers with the boys and after all these years I get to attend.

“What should I expect” I asked and I got, the look, and the shoulder shrug as if I asked when we’d be landing on the moon. I think I was over the moon really because hey to be invited to a beer with the boys, well maybe I’m special. I wondered what they talked about on these so called beer night outs and if they’d be different if I am there. Hope not, I want to be the reporter who gets the big story and then I can write about it.

To get to the venue, I was told just to meet most of them there. It is after the hockey game and unless I wanted to hang around in a sweaty locker room, well I will just hitch a ride with one of the others. Who were these others, Other wives, friends, parents who also tagged along? My excitement was overwhelming to say the least, yet what was so exciting? It’s just a beer, yeah right. The night was mind blowing. Not because of where I went, we just went to a pub, because it was non eventful. I experienced a bunch of guys drinking, discussing the game and whatever else came up. It took about four beers for one to actually acknowledge me, “Oh yeah how’s it going?” and smiles all around. Of course it was respectful at first and then it got good. Hats went sideways, jokes changed a whole lot and they actually let me talk. You see I found out these guys talked a lot as the beer flowed and then nothing. Drunk and quiet. There was no big secrets to be told, no fart contests and the burps were well feed by the flowing beer. Not exactly like I thought.

Well to make a long night short I stayed to the bitter end, played a lot of pool, danced a bit to old songs but refused to karaoke. I have been told too many times I cannot carry a tune. I fit in eventually because through beer glass eyes they forgot I was a female.

My night out with the boys was a great experience and they were so grateful to have a designated driver this time that maybe they would keep me around to do it again. So in the end we all laughed, we maybe cried over a few too many beers and yes I would love to come as a driver of men who have had too many, yet next time just ask. Any time because it was super fun.

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