Plugged In With Me

Anywhere any time come plug in with me. I’m an open receptacle, a place you can plug in and receive. I can’t guarantee the advice I give is for you to automatically get yet it’s there for you anytime you need refreshing.

What do you want to know? How do you want to feel? IS it objective or subjective, maybe I should read your tarot cards. Somedays you can find me sitting high in a tree overlooking the harbour. On other days I will be sitting at my makeshift desk cranking out information for my new platform. Then there are the days I ride my bike indoors because of inclement weather. On those days I seem to lose my mind and keep a recorder next to me for the new book I want to write or some kind of self help for myself.

Do I have normal days? Of course I do some with too much time on my hands. I want to be timeless, in the present moment, have days that never end and nights of full on sleep. I especially love the days when I’m “ON” in accordance with my intuition. Which is really the days when reality is awesome. It’s like being the pointy end of the stick and you get it all first hand. What is “on” for me, it’s nothing more than following my instincts and being right place right timing. It was that way for me today when I walked into a framing shop that was having a “going into retirement” sale. I bought a few limited signed prints and felt I should run out the door before they realized they charged too little. I had a great conversation with an older man who could have fooled me with his wise”ness” about life. Native to the area, he had a story to tell, “do you have time to sit and listen?” I wanted too and maybe next time I will. He did tell me he has eagle medicine in him and I do believe as I was told I have crow.

The best part was when I returned home and supper was ready after a long day of being a tourist in my own town. It is a chilly fall day and a big bowl of spaghetti Al’s style was welcomed. Now here I am telling you all about it in my own creative way.

It’s almost veterans day I hope you all have your poppies.

So back to being plugged in, I always am. I love being able to share whenever you come around. Share with me back by sending me a comment or idea and we can plug in together and yes I do read tarot, yet I do it my way.

Peace out people and thank a soldier. I thank mine every day.

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