Somber Days

Photo by Gabriela Palai on

Somber days, mean somber ways. Somber ways usually get you a somber message.

Yes baby it’s cold outside and raining. The best weather for pouring out your heart, seeing the drops move down the window pane, hoping for sunshine, something to make the pain go away. Why do you think you are treated like this, you may say to yourself? Why do you always feel the pressure of the clouds as they droop down lower than the tops of the trees. The low pressure brings on the headaches and other peoples emotional garbage. You seem to be the dumping grounds, the truck you can hear beeping its backup sound ready to deliver with every crack of thunder. Lighting is about to be expressed you may add finishing your thought with, “and it was such a nice day a bit ago.”

The door rumbles through the sounds of wind hitting it and aren’t you lucky it’s not in your face. One day that old door will just give way to the constant pounding and fall down forever. You have wanted to replace it years back yet you’ve never gotten around to it, why? There seems to be a lot of things in need of repair or even replacement, “someday” you say, “Someday.”

Some days never come, just like on somber days the sun never shines. It too hides behind closed doors wishing the weather would get better yet it never does. Tomorrow it will come out the blue skies will be remembered until the next somber day.

I think I will treat myself to some hot tea and a cold shower. Make sure I know exactly which reality I’m in, until the day comes when I put the laundry out to dry. Its sitting in a basket wet and fresh out of the washer. All I now need to do is sort it all out and put it where it belongs. Some in the dryer for quick results and the rest on hangers so I can see the truth amidst the wrinkles.

It’s a somber day, sober to the reality that sometimes laundry can’t be cleaned up, sorted out and placed in drawers until next time the inclement weather comes around. It will be different one day because the sombreness of the day will have to face it alone. I will be somewhere where the sun does shine, the birds do sing and I won’t miss the rainmaker.

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