Hello, are you home? Knock knock will you answer? Hello, hello, hello. Your head has that hollow feel about it, empty and evasive. I hope I can get through to you today. The sun is shining and my heart is open.

I can see your home, you’re face pressed to the glass trying to figure out who it is. It’s me, can’t you see me? Your hiding again, this time wrapped around the curtain like a playful child in the game of hide and seek. What are you seeking rolled into that old drape, bet it’s dusty inside. Come on just unwrap the funny looking person, you look like a human burrito and answer the door, I won’t bite. Just because I don’t always agree with you doesn’t mean you have to take away the welcome mat. Hey come on, I’m here, just let me in.

I can see you, you know, you are sitting right next to me, face planted in front of the tv. Peek a boo I see you, turn your head so we can have a conversation. Your avoiding me and I don’t understand. Silence is not necessarily golden you know. Can you remember yesterday when you had the floor and I listened while you talked endlessly about your passions? Well one sided is just lop sided, if you only pour water on one side the glass, the glass never stands upright, like us. You tell me I talk to much, that you don’t understand a lot of what I say because I talk nonsense. No sense is provided by the non talker, why do we have ears then? Maybe just to share conversations, now that makes sense.

Hello, maybe I will start over here. Hi I’m home what do you want to talk about. Because really it doesn’t matter to me, I just want you to engage. Life is about doing, learning, being present. Ok I will ignore you too.

“Hello, are you home, your head isn’t on your head. Where did you put it?”

Somethings different, hey your headless. I can see your heart beating which means you’re not dead just mindless. Did you say something, I hear a strange voice coming from your chest, it’s muffled but give me a minute and I’m sure that I can learn this new method of conversation. I’m actually excited to sit with you. “Hello.” “Hi, glad to finally meet you.”

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