Thank You

lest we forget
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Thank you. Thank you for your service. We soon forget after 12 o clock comes along and the parade is done that these men keep going. Their day doesn’t stop because we stop thinking about them, they move forward with the thought of no one left behind.

So I ask you this simple question, why do we? Why do we forget? Why do we get so caught up in our own worlds and those that do for us are not recognized or remembered? Our worlds may feel like war, they may on days feel like rejection or compliance yet what about those that have chosen to put their lives on the line every day for the simple reason of freedom.

When we don’t like our partner any more we leave, for some of us it’s time for the children to move on, yet there is no forgetting them, and even when someone close dies we grieve.

Can you let go of your dramas, judgements and personal issues for 2 minutes and with the silence thank them for their service. Thank the mail man, thank the teacher that teaches every day, thank the volunteers that come to help out when needed. Thank the nurses and doctors that give up the financial success and go to the poorest communities to give service to those in need.

Now stand up and be thankful for those that do serve this country, for this is their day. Thank them, those strangers that made the military their passion even if you don’t agree. See them as human beings with family, brothers and sons that chose to leave their families behind to serve you. Be grateful for the country you live in because even in times of turmoil here there are soldiers somewhere else with less than you. Attend a parade, even if it’s the first time, it’s awesome and you will feel compassion I believe you will. The stories for the most part are happy and funny, and the ones tha are not will open your heart.

I went today. I went in respect of my partner who served for 20 years, my friend who is 75, served for 32 years and a friend who is a civilian and it was his first time. We watched the parade and I brought the Kleenex which was passed around. We listened to those who told their stories and I smiled at the families who brought their young children to find out what our country is all about. Our veterans are getting older and the new soldiers are now replacing them with new stories. Let’s make sure the older stories are never forgotten.

Lest we forget.

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