Make Me Laugh

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Make me laugh. Life is to serious right now. I need a bit of comic relief I would say, a roll around on the ground, a tickle in my tickle spot.

Laughter is so important, be insane and roll around on the ground. Inappropriate giggles, give it to me is quadruple. Wheres the remote, maybe there’s something on tv that’s going to give me the gut laughter that I need. A little Letterkenny, or Tosh. A little edginess, a little off colour fun that can disrupt my day, so later when I think about it someone sees me smile. Uncover the covers, feel the freedom of comedic completeness, a place where the heart sings a song before the news interrupts the imagination.

I want to laugh out loud in a public place because someone told me a bad joke. Tell the same joke at a business meeting because whoever talking is so damn boring. Maybe even play an innocent prank on the child in my house that always gets the first laugh. All in good fun, lets have some fun again in our lives. When was the last time you can honestly say you let your hair down, took off the underwear, and danced around with just a smile on.

Life has become awkward, disassembled and raw. We don’t know how to enjoy ourselves because maybe we are not politically correct. I really don’t care. If you’re around I want us to laugh, whisper stuff and make the whole room become aware of the silliness and how good it makes us feel.

Get up, get down with your silly self. Be childlike and believe that magic still exists on this planet of many humans all looking for a little laughter to fill them up for a change.

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