A Story

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I saw this picture and fell in love with it. So peaceful, so tranquil, I wonder if there is such a place? If I were to tell you a story what do you think it could be about? Would I write about love, beauty or of a moment when everything stood still? Is this the end of the world where there are no humans left? Nature won I would write about and wiped out the human race. It would be about new beginnings and great reversal of fortunes. It should be about not just winning and losing yet about coming to terms with what we destroyed in the process of making things better, easier and more instantaneous. Mother Nature spanked our behinds, kicked our ass and sent us to the corner to think about what we’ve done. In the meantime time stood still and peace reigned over all.

So where then could I begin to tell you my story. Is there faith, is this the tree of Adam and Eve? There are no apples here to be deceived with just beautiful flowers to gaze at. The water is clean and still full of contemplation as we meditate on the future of “what do we do?” We do nothing and listen this time. We sit by the waters edge and place our toes in the water and think with clarity. Theres no stirring up the muck, no throwing sand, just a stillness of no time limits. There could be children climbing the tree and sitting on branches, seeing the future as it is in its true self. There are no warriors awaiting war, no kings in reign over terror or divisions of different vs same. It’s as far as you can see, hope for all.

Alice sits in her wonderland believing her story of rabbit holes and Madd Hatters. Cats that disappear and Queen’s that lop off heads. I sit in my wondered land of thought and think to; what if? What could be my story if this tree were in my perview. If I could sit under this tree and tell my story. Would I tell you about love and lovers falling in love. Of believers believing in a higher purpose or just about the tree, as it stands alone before this lake, all alone waiting for company.

If I cold tell you a story what would it be? Tell me your story I’d love to sit under the tree with you and listen. Please do.

Peace out on this wonder filled night.

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