What Happened On The Way……

When I left home this morning I had a bed. In fact I know I had a bed because I actually made the bed. I also remember that I looked at the bed and whispered to myself how much I wanted a new bed. It’s not that I don’t like the set I have I just think it’s too dark for the room it’s in. The room is large, yet it’s naturally dark and dark on dark and heavy looking just isn’t my gig.

Anyways when I left this morning the bed was made, the room was there and all was well. Now you must be asking what is this story all about. So you had a bed, you made the bed and then you left locking the house and the bed in said house. You are correct in all facts so far, except as I left my partner was home with no mention of anything weird about to happen.

I think I was gone a few hours and during those hours nothing big happened that would make me expect a weird occurrence was about to happen. In fact the weird for me was that happened to run into 3 people I hadn’t seen in years. So I was so excited to come home and spill my beans that when I opened the door and went to put my coat away I…….

“Hey where’s the bed?” “Hello, honey I’m home.” No answer. I put my coat away thinking I must be in the wrong house so I walked outside and looked around. The neighbour had been checking her mail and waved me on. I asked her if anything strange came from my place today and she thought, “no” and walked inside. So back in I went and started to freak out. Who would break in, take only the bed, not touch anything else and lock the door after? Well my first clue was in the text I had just received. “Be home soon.” Ok, be home soon yet no word about where he was for what could be going on. I went to the bedroom and sat on the mattress, yes the mattress and bedding was there in fact the bed was neatly made. I laid back and rested my thoughts until I heard the door open.

“What the F..ck, where’s the bed.” My partner stepped back, he was about to open his mouth when the door opened again. It was my grand daughter and her boyfriend. Hmmm, what could they be doing here and I gave them a big hug resisting the dirty look I was giving to the other guy in the room. The conversation went into thank you’s and your the best and I wondered what I was the best for. Oh, then it dawned on me. My bed, I’m the best and thank you. I think someone I know decided to give our bed away. He knew I didn’t like it and I am amazed of his kindness, yet where am I going to sleep.

After company left I stood my ground and in-between anger there was love. In-between love there is joy and then I started to laugh. He looked dumbfounded for a moment and then we were both rolling on the mattress and onto the floor laughing at what had happened.

The end of my story is you never know what could happen when you leave the house, yet in a good way be surprised. Well tonight I will sleep closer to the ground and tomorrow I begin to search for a new bed. unless I like the idea of camping out for awhile, like I did when I was younger.

Have a great night and howl with laughter at the moon.

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