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When is enough, enough. Who do we say no more? It’s debatable.

Life is a debate. How we think, is debatable. How we decide is always debatable to the content we are thinking about and of course life itself is the biggest debate of all.

Now take the debate and add mediation. We can debate that one also. Who do we bring in to decide those invaluable ideas we have? Who do we trust to tell us to sway one direction or another? Where do we go once we have given the authority of the debate away to someone or something else? Where do we go from here?

We debate every moment of every day. Where has it gotten us? Oh wait that’s debatable too. The moment we open our eyes the person we choose to be is debatable and then we have to bring in the mediator to mediate our moods. Our mood, our temperament against those others that may live with us, work with us and have birthed us. I’m tired aren’t you? I’m tired of being tired of this infinite debate we put ourselves through every day. Whose right, whose wrong, where’s the person in charge so we don’t have to debate this any more. We listen, we are suppose to learn from listening yet do we? Maybe we just don’t care anymore, so debating is like putting our hand into a hat and seeing what piece of paper we pull out. Mediate, debate, mediate, I think I would like more reassurance in the process.

Now do I have an answer? Depends and that too is debatable. So my debate today is reason. To try to be reasonable to the debate as the mediator stands before me. Choices become challenges and then change happens. If one was to be neutral to the debate maybe we would actually listen to the mediator and then pick a better venue. The choices placed before us is the debate, the challenges are given to the mediator, our heart, and then of course we make up our mind and hopefully change.

Up for a debate? Anytime I love to mediate.

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