I’m Trying To Grow

So when someone says to you “grow up” what is one suppose to do? I take myself as a soulful person, one that’s compassionate and empathic most of the time, so when someone says “your unconscious” it takes its toll on me.

I read lots of book, listen to audible and have my podcasts. I’m not a self help person in that respect yet I believe that I do understand what people go through and tend to respond to issues of the heart. “Stay out of it” is what I should tell myself, yet I am that person that feels for the human race. I just have that face because when I meet people the first thing out of their mouths is ” Let me tell you what happened to me.” How do you walk away from that. We all have stories, things we want to share and ideas of how they are shared. If life is an illusion and we call to us the realities we are in to learn to be better than I must say mirrors are real. Experiences can deflect us into the subconscious and give us that “mirrored” reflection, “Negative” or “Positive” and then we have reaction or action.

I know I have work to do on myself, if I didn’t I’d be a narcissist or diagnosed with DID. So “growing up” and having someone tell me to grow up, is a big thing. IS it a way of telling me to take the chip off my shoulders, put on my big persons pants and take control of my own relationship to ourself. I always try to be open yet when someone hits me from behind I will go down.

“Grow Up!” Hey give me a chance, first I want to put down roots and make sure they are strong and nourished before I can work on my self. You never will fertilize the “tree” into flower (consciousness) until you know how to fertilize everything around you.

I am growing, still learning, trying to understand who I am. One thing that I struggle with is patience to purpose, yet I’m working on that.

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