What Do You Want From Me

Photo by Amol Mande on Pexels.com

The question for today is what do you want from me? How can I please the thousands of readers that peruse the blogging world in hopes to get something interesting out of the minutes it takes them to read the blog? It concerns me. Where do our minds mingle in cooperation, to learn or to be lead down a garden path only to find no flowers and all weeds. How can I please everyone and still please myself?

Is this a place where we choose our tribes, our social circles our feed back loops? Mirrored images of thought patterns projecting words onto the page and all we have to do is agree or disagree? I’d like to feel we are all renegades here, riding as loners looking for a safe camp fire to sit around and talk. Trash talk, debating, compassionate innuendos? We are all here for what, to find something we are looking for. Can it be peace of mind, an idea that there are others that listen to us.

I will try to cheer you up with my comedic stories of pain and suffering, dumb actions and empathic healing. I ask nothing from you in return because I really write for myself. I write and then I read and it feels like automatic writing because sometimes I look back and say “you wrote that?”

Love me or leave me. Understand me, make me the mirror you stand before and smile back. I too am just words on a page that you may believe as real for a moment in your life. I am glad to serve you.

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