And The Winner Is

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Hard to say, harder to think about, hardest thing ever done.

How do we know who is the real winner these days, when everything is doubtful? The amount of indecision around the truth makes me aware of who really wins? The days of taking someone for granted is long gone, we question everything. Each word, each breath inclusive of how they breath and everything else in-between becomes the outcome. Sometimes that outcome takes so long we can’t remember what the question was. What were we going for anyways?

I have forgotten who wins and who looses because winning means everything. I used to believe that I wanted to win yet when I lost I thought about being better next time, doing it differently or making change. It seems today winning is winning and nothing else matters. Lies, cheating and belittling is just a part of the game of winning. If your not good at it then don’t get in the game because it’s not about loosing its about being faded out, forever.

We used to think things over, debate and have conversations over the truth. Building upon things took a few ideas and not a lone person calling the show. What has happened to us? Where has human nature gone?

I think human nature has endured and now has lost the game. We have left it behind in a ditch, run over like a deer in the headlights or tied it up so tight that it will never get away. Do we remember what human nature is? Maybe we better remember soon before the ship sails and we are left behind high and dry to fend for ourselves in a place we can’t find our way home.

I choose to believe in not so much being right yet to believe in our nature, one we nurture deep inside. I choose to sit and contemplate before I place a bet on who is going to win. Choosing instead the place where we all benefit. No more games of win and loose. No more adult playgrounds where the bullies reign and the others seems to ignore the outcomes. Maybe if we played the game of life for the sake of the game we would understand a lot more than we do.

Trust your guts before trusting what you may hear. Trust your faith in man before you go along for the ride. Choose a better way to get there than the one we have chosen too many times before. Let’s do what we tell our children to do. Be patient, be kind, don’t be a bully and treat everyone as equal. If everyone here has a purpose according to our beliefs how can we say they do not. It says, back through the mirror, you don’t have a purpose either. Think about that one.

I’m all in, are you?

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