Fear Of Failure

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Roads less traveled are the roads that lead directly to success. Most of the roads we decide to take are the bumpy ones, full of potholes and failure.

Failing is falling off a cliff into the unknown. Fail is an impass. A mountain road closed due to avalanche. How long do we have to wait and how many detours do we have to take to find the clear intention to succeed?

Fears make for failure, fear has us running in circles, fear is the thought of failure with a capitol F. Failure and fear are brothers in arms, they go hand in hand down the garden path until they realize all the crumbs they put down to find their way are gone. Now they have to rely on their self worth and their knowledge to get them home safe.

We seemed to have lost something these past years. Lost in translation, loss of worth and dignity that says sometimes failure is the right answer because you are in the wrong classroom. I’ve said before that sometimes failing is a blessing because we learn about ourselves hen we fall down or fail. It’s about the getting up and the keep going that makes it all worth the journey.

I’d like to take Fear and Failure and replace it with due diligence. Take the journey, have a road map, make revisions along the way by looking at the map from time to time. Make use of all the knowledge you have to turn up the positive and turn down the negative when it comes to inner voices. Sometimes all we need is patience to correspond to the hurry up we all seem to be listening to. Giddy Up, go faster, don’t think about it, just do isn’t always the answer. Sometimes we have to do the homework and respect our choices as avenues for change. The change though comes through the challenge and with out challenge we have no change.

Don’t fear failure, look it straight in the eye and say “I know you” and this time I understand.

2 thoughts on “Fear Of Failure

  1. Good post…. even when we fail one key is to come at whatever we’re trying to achieve from a different angle the next time, instead of giving up. Also, sometime experiencing disappointment in our life is required to prepare us to be ready for something greater.

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