In Defence of Human Nature.

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I should start by saying Defiance instead of defend. We are human in nature, we are the epitome of human nature. Yet instead of defending it we are in defiance of the Nature of what it is. Should I try to define it here?

What is human nature? Is it molecules chained to an evolving DNA? Is it cells defending what it doesn’t recognize causing havoc through disease? Is it the fact that we have a bigger brain? Sometimes I beg to differ. Is it the fact there isn’t a food chain that we can recognize? There needs to be a new order of balance that can replace the old order, that is severely unbalanced. Is they’re something, that can defend Natures honour if we do not?

I don’t really know how to figure this one out. A apart of me wants to go one way and the other another. On one side we have the feminine energy which I believe is Mother Nature. She nurtures us, shares with us her bounty sometimes puts us in our place. The male side of us retaliates by squeezing out her energy, taking her land for bigger buildings and not understanding how nature works. We are becoming an extinction and we don’t even know it. One day our wells will be dry and our land will be so barren nothing will grow. No amount of technology can fix what Nature provides. I see a day coming when we will eat everything plastic and so preserved it will look similar to cardboard. If there is food to grow it will be laden with cancer causing chemicals and our children will be sick before they are born.

I hadn’t meant to rant this yet Thanksgiving is coming and what are we grateful and thankful for? I’m grateful that I can see this and understand that this male dominant energy, ( not men necessarily) is nothing more than abuse. It begins with not only being more respectful of what you throw away yet not to overbuy. Can we choose to eat more home made, without boxed or preprepared meals and take care of the essence of who we are. One day and maybe not in our lifetime this earth will either be gone or look like the science fiction horror movies, like Blade Runner.

I love this planet, and I want Mother Nature, our Nature to survive. I choose not to defy Human Nature yet to Defend Her Honour.

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