A Day In The Life Of…..

I thought about my life just now, the imperfections, the inconsistency, the many reasons I exist. Yet with imperfection comes improvement, inconsistencies becomes actions to better outcomes and these reasons well I guess the quest becomes truth.
Im always on the road to purpose, to acknowledge myself as a light that lights my way. Sometimes I need to feed my soul first. Thats a hard one because being taught to be a healer I get caught up in the drum of living for others.
When I think about myself I tend to turtle inside sometimes thinking to much before I once again pop my head out. Seeing differently is a better way I’m learning. I learn everyday in every moment. I now question my motives and try harder to listen to the voice inside. The voice of the heart yes yet also the gut feelings.
Listening first is healing the self and then to reach out to others can create a powerful experience . It’s hard to live the truth yet now is the time to do so.
So here I am as always, hoping to make miracles happen, create choices that are sometimes uncomfortable and free my mind from the drum of mindless chatter.
Let’s be who we are, lights that light up our inner circle so we can then see where we are meant to go in purpose.
Spreading my wings and learning once again to fly with the wind instead of against it.
Love , loves through us.
Be real as you are realistic.
Have faith in you as you are faithful to others.
Get up. Get going and find out who you are.

Peace out and enjoy being the true you.

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