Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

What do you think would happen if we opened the can of worms? Unscrewed the lid and let the bugs out? Remember when we would wonder how things worked? Marvelling at the beauty of the fireflies in the jar as we laid on the grass and was still? Where has the patience gone that was our only hope to capture the grasshoppers, on a hot summers day? What has happened to the child within? The one that used to grab her clothes and run out the door half dressed because someone told her the crayfish were back?

I want to wander about in the wonder of my universe. I want to see beyond the differences that I don’t understand. Can I relearn to relate to the sun up, sun down therapy of play? Sometimes I wonder what has happened to that little girl who loved life.

Someone just told me the other day that, anything you do is everything you do. Had to think about that one and I’ve come to the conclusion that theres a truth in that. Do we ever change even when we do it differently? Makes me wonder. We need to move our habits to the back of the line or better yet to send them to a different line. I don’t even want to explain to them why they are not wanted because I know that if I try I won’t win. Our expectations are winners and they will never be losers if they can win they will. I will take a lot of willpower to beat them yet I will begin to try.

Today I decided I want to, not need to, be a wonder to myself. Wandering about in the experience to see things in a way that is adventurous. To wander and wonder, to be and believe, to want to better what I think in a more positive way.

I will stand straight, stand tall and stand strong in who I am and hopefully make he world a wonderful place to be alive.

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