Points Of View

Photo by Maël BALLAND on Pexels.com

A point of view can come from all angles. It can be seen from a mountain top or at sea level. Sometimes through the looking glass or from a satellite far from the centre of the earth.

Whats the point of seeing the view? Where will it take you when you get there? Could it bring about a different view when you get there? Why would you want to see it differently or always the same?

Points of view can be overwhelming or comforting at its best. To get to the point is finding an understanding of where you are when you have to make the point you want to make. When you stand on the mountain top your view is dependant on the weather, clouded somedays and full on sunshine and the choice to see for miles on others. Just as sometimes your own self clouds your truth or you have clarity. The same goes when you stand in front of someone expecting them to see the same scene as you do. Is that possible? Our views are unique to each of us, we make a point of belief in what we have a mind for. Not everyones sun revolves around the same solar system when it comes to the popular vote.

Have a point to view, a viewpoint where you allow everyone to stand at the view point and see what they see, to exempt them from their personal view isn’t the best choice. No one wants their point of view blocked by obstacles.

The best point of view is the neutral zone on the 50 yard line. To be able to stand in a crowd and know who you are with the clarity of your own point of view. BE non reactive yet interactive and if you don’t know what to say, JUST SMILE!

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