On Strike

I think I will go on strike. I thought about it and I am. I don’t have one particular reason to strike yet there are so many things I could strike about. I may strike for happiness and joy, maybe for truth and a better playground for all of us to play in. It’s not that I will sit on my butt and do nothing that’s not what the strike is all about. Striking is about purpose and identity, being unconditional and responsible.

I will take into consideration all the debatable objections I receive and think about them wisely. I don’t think I will make any decisions about my strike until I find a mediator that understands my convictions. Striking is a responsibly and one that I don’t take on lightly. There is purpose in this, a purpose to be subjective and understood. One just doesn’t go on strike just because. One person gets off the merry go round and it doesn’t work anymore. My objective is not me, myself and I as a lot would think, it is about the greater good. Sometimes striking out is just like bowling. Determination and a strong arm can get it done, while in other situations a respect for the good of more than one can help resolve the issues.

Why go on strike? Most of the time strikes don’t resolve themselves and no one wins. What if it’s just about standing up for what’s right, what’s just and what’s true. What would happen if we all went on strike until the resolution is accepted and we can get back to the land of the living. Think about the present and not the past, concentrate on a future in which honesty is the best policy and the bully doesn’t always win.

Yup I’m all in for a strike for the cause of finally being happy. A happiness strike where we all stand around and laugh, sing and dance away the blues. Stopping traffic and believing in a better future for not just a few but for everyone.

Peace out.

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