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Doors. Doors of all shapes and sizes. Doors that provide, doors that keep you safe inside and doors the have better opportunities than what you see on the outside.

Walking through doors is a daily activity, taking us through all kinds of circumstances. Doors open and doors close yet do we pay attention to what we find when a door opens as opposed to when one closes.

The first door is birth, on that particular day you’re born into the door of life and personhood, anointed by a given name and number. The last door is death and on that given day you walk through the door and fade into the distant memory of who you have been. Yet what about the many doors we walk through on any given day. These are not just doors which open and close at your will, they are the doors of fate. How many will you walk through? How many will you wander by without being tempted to open? More than you may think about. Every minute we consciously and unconsciously open doors. The long hallway of life gives us plenty of opportunity to find value in each and every door we stand before.

Some doors may be smaller than you would perceive and may be unnoticed. Other doors brightly coloured will cause you to stop and stare incorporating beauty to tempt you to walk through. Then there are the plain doors, ones that are worn out and stripped of paint and value. Have you noticed these? They have a voice all of their own. These doors have potential. They have synchronicity and most of all behind these doors is fate and chance to change. Why do we walk by them? Can you here purpose calling your name from the other side? What do you fear that you will find hidden behind these closed doors. Once in awhile you may walk by a open door in which you may see some things you may know and others that you do not. What do you do? What would you like to do? Do you follow your guts and at least peek in? Does fear hold you back when you don’t see anything you recognize?

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of our fate peeking out through the key hole at us hoping we will catch their eye. Come on in they would say this is where you belong. Yet most of the time unless we see our name, address and priorities in full view we are not tempted. We want to know the name of the door, the game, before we enter. You may say “I’m afraid to know.” Or ” What if I have to change?” It happens all the time. When was the last time you did, maybe today?

Let’s try walking down a hallway and opening up every door we pass by. Don’t just peek in but head on in and walk around, get a feel and understand what it offers. If you like it stay for awhile and learn before you open the next door. Create opportunity, acknowledge you as a person with abilities you never knew you had and find a love for life and living it with no regret.

A door a day will keep regret away. Make that you mantra and believe in the magic that you can make by opening doors.

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