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What do we learn when we learn? Is there a something or a sometime included in the learning. Do our memories contradict the memorization of the truth in learning? Do we really remember when we learn?

What about relating to learning? Or learning to relate? How about the relationship to learning? I want to be a more conscienous person or maybe just more understanding. Is compassion something we may have learned at some point to the present? How do we relate, to the relationship we have, to ourselves and with others. Those mirrors, the windows of the soul we tend to ignore every time we learn something important. Reflections are for reflecting, as mirrors are to see what we may need to learn though another.

Theres a reason we learn, a why to the relating and a need to know how to become the most resilient when it comes to learning the lessons of life. Relating too and in a relationship is learning to cope with a truth, a pattern that could run us under the radar. Short term memories, long term memorization can be detrimental to our health. The more we carry, the more we carry. We may have been able to learn in school yet ask an adult and most of it has been lost. Ask an adult what they learned as a child and I bet they will go more to what they didn’t learn. The most frequent is relating, respect and a better attitude when faced with obstacles. We know how to dig in and not give in yet do we know how to learn to forgive, not judge or simply acceptance.

I think when we learned we skipped over feelings or it was short class with no memorization. Learning is acquiring relating and relating comes in more than one way than one. When we fall down we know at some point we need to get up. How we get up is how well we learned. When we lie about some little thing do we remember that truth is invincible and when we relate to the truth we learn? We teach our children not to lie yet we show them every day that it’s ok when it serves the individual. How is that relating and learning what our relationship is to ourself and others?

Give yourself a moment, give yourself a minute and relate to who you are, what you are and how you are serving the greater good? Be honest and truthful where you could relearn and relate to your present circumstances and be a better person. We all have memory loss when it comes to the sometime or somewhere we did learn something that could light our path in purpose.

Peace Out and be good to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Good stuff, thanks for sharing. I’m thankful for the people in my life who have called me out on poor relationship/friendship skills. My boyfriend and I just had a discussion about it an hour ago. My 2 closest friends of 20 plus years put a spotlight on my carelessness. I’m thankful they are still in my life đŸ˜‰ My boyfriend has brought plenty to the surface as well. Things I didn’t see in my previous 20 year marriage.


  2. Thanks. Learning life skills is a different process than we have learned. My mantra to all is love loves through us. Great lives are lived through knowing how to belive once more.


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