And…. All I Want For Christmas

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Christmas is almost here, let the joy of shopping begin. It always begins for me, by me, saying “oh this year I will give money,” and always ends by me freeking out because maybe money is just not that happiness look I want to have as my envelope is opened. Can’t win, yet never lose when it comes to Christmas. Always with the best of intention it brings out in us the worst of insecurities. “What do you want?” “Where’s the list so I know what to get?” “Are you out of your freeking mind?” Yup.

I always ask for a list even though I may give money. Been there done that and even my most unique gifts come out with an ???? from the person I am gifting. Hey I give great gifts ask the kids who now have their own kids yet it may not feel that way. Sometimes I do theme which I think is ingenious. For the family that camps well I tend to look at what they don’t have and if theres vacation coming I may go that route. Makes sense to me yet what I don’t understand is that we always seem to want what we really don’t need or we care about after the fact.

Lists. Sticky notes, perfect cards that depict the perfect person, why do I try so hard?

Well I will tell you. Bring on the pages of lists, the sticky notes attached to my mirror, the messages for the numerous things the kids may want. Call me every day and tell me what you bought so I can get the other. Do it all and guess what 9 times out of 10 I will still do my own thing and do it wth pleasure. I love Christmas, I love being on the naughty list because I didn’t get what I was told to, I just like being me. Crazy and cool, what the did you get that for and all the rest. So bring on all the gift ideas you can throw at me and you will get from me something that is you in return. I see the beauty, the love and the passion and try to match it with those I gift. Hey and if it turns out to be money even though the first reaction is “what” “I thought I asked for….” you will thank me later when your short for something you really want.

Peace out and enjoy the crazy because boring January is almost here.

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