Better, Better Why?

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Hello, Hello, anyone home?

It’s an echo I hear every day all day in my head. Do I chose to hear what I hear because I’ve asked or do a get a message that was prerecorded sometime awhile ago. I hear an echo and the echo is real, isn’t it. What I feel is what I need. What I want is what I deserve, Yes?

Is there a better way, better why? Thats the answer I think I want to hear from now on. The question should have another question attached to it. The better is better because, then pause? What do you hear when you pause. Is it your breathing? Is it your heart beating? How about the blah, blah of the hum drum of the mind as it spills out into your thoughts. The mind is like a creek small and unintentional making its way threw the twist and turns of ways we think. At some point is widens out incorporating other thoughts and other ideas all with the intention of getting to the river. We find as we get closer to the river the water rushes faster, our thoughts are more consuming yet we haven’t yet decided anything. More thoughts come and a determination to make up your mind. The mouth of the river is getting closer to the ocean yet what will it find?

What the mind forgot was the fact that weeds get in the way of flow. That rocks and gravel move us around in directions that may not be as straight as the outcome in intended. We don’t fore see the ideas that won’t work or the way we had done it and cannot anymore. The creek has dried up, the river has turned on itself and there is not a predestination any more.

Where will we go, what will we do? Is better, better than before? How can we know when we don’t remember what was better or not? We ring around the circle thinking better yet sometimes it’s an illusion. So next time decide if better, is better, or not. That maybe it is just change is the best and that is what we should be betting on.

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