Todays Motivation

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Todays motivation was pretty simple, nothing more than get through the day without any interference. What kind of interference? The kind that makes you yell silently or grunt verbally. The kind that gets you looks from the kids when the F bomb goes off multiple times without your knowledge and the delays when you don’t have the time to wait.

Todays motivation was to smile. Smile at all the drama the I would meet, challenge myself to respect the doubt I had for my well being and to make sure that I wore my raincoat.

I did remember my raincoat yet I forgot to remind myself of everything else. Heres how it went:

I left the driveway and almost got hit by someone doing over the speed limit. There was pause in slow motion as he drove past mouth open justifying he was still alive and not dead. I fought off not answering my bluetooth car monitor as someone called me three times and hung up just as I pressed the answer button. Getting the kids was easy until we stopped at the post office to mail Christmas cards and I couldn’t find my debit card. I emptied my purse on the counter to the dismay of the person and persons behind me smiling my, be present smile at all of them. Now I began to freak out privately as I paid for my stamps and moved on. I had the full attention of the kids because somehow their awesome Grandma had gone from she’s awesome to she”s weird. What can I say, I’m having a day I promised myself if this day ever happened I’d be cool about it. HAHAHA.

Next on the list was the drive to the last place I remembered using it. Also the phone call home to have my partner search my wardrobe pockets just in case. (Oh this is a first for me, I’m pretty anal about my cards and have never lost one before) No good comes when I’m stressed. The kids sat quietly with the iPads while I figured things out getting no where. So we hustled our butts to the bank. The bank was of course busy and only 2 tellers on board so wait I did and as I waited my grandson informed me he didn’t feel well. Great, and oh he may throw up. Hands in the air I prayed he would not and took care of business. All day, all done. Yes, no not quite yet. Once I cancelled my card I felt relief yet I had promised the kids a hot chocolate before home. So off we went to Tim Hortons. Busy, of course! In a line up with only 2 line workers of course. So here it is folks the moral of the story. Make sure you ask the little one if she has to pee before getting in line because as soon as you get close she will. So off we went to the bathroom and when we were done I had to go to the end of the line. They were all new faces with no recollection of my face in line anywhere. Shall I go on. Naw, I think you get the picture. We had another stop before home and I got through that one ok.

Home and relax, you think. Didn’t take long before I heard a small voice from behind say to me ” Grandma, wheres my hot chocolate?” I counted 2 as we left yet only one was in the house. Maybe I should believe in ghosts and goblins because I knew I had brought 2 in. In the end mom came home and found it on the washer downstairs. How it got there well no one seemed to know.

So I’m home now and have no intention of leaving my couch until tomorrow and we will see what the day brings. Don’t hold your breath because I’m sure the tale will be tall and life will be one big ball of laughter. Peace out my friends and Merry Christmas.

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