Spinning A Tale

Take a dog and turn it around. What does it do, it spins its tail. Take a person and give it time to think and it too will spin you a tale. Dogs spin because it thinks its got something to chase, we spin because, well…… we sometimes lose our axis. Christmas is the time of year when stories abound. Fictional ones like Frosty, and Rudolph, real ones like Home Alone. Christmas is changing, we find less of joy and good cheer and more of conscientious shoppers. People willing to bust their butts on the best deal and not wanting to deal with the reality of our times.

Spinning tales of joy and laughter, singing around the tree and family isn’t so much any more. The better tail is the one we chase. The tail that has credit card debt attached to it and desires to chase around until we no longer have faith in ourselves. We get dizzy from the circles, the constant motion of emotional turmoil. Do we or don’t we be extravagant this year. Who are we in A Christmas Carol? Are we Jacob Marley? Do we live in Purgatory (England) and are we ready to repent? Do our stories involve 3 ghosts that can take us through the journey to an ending that heals or is the dog still chasing its’ tale?

I will spin you a tale, a tale of imaginary proportions. A spinning tale that begins with small circles and grows with each image of my imagination. My tale is tall, and long, yet short in duration. It has a beginning and an ending and I sometime get dizzy just thinking about how I will tell it. My Christmas, my town, my tail.

It begins with Santa he’s a fireman and he has a fire truck. On Christmas Eve he decides to give his reindeer a break and use the truck to deliver presents to the neighbourhood kids who made the list. The list consisted of the children of the other volunteer firemen who worked with him at the firehouse. The firehouse became Santas workshop one night out of the year and after gathering all the presents, the elves and Santa sat down for a few beer before they began their delivering of gifts. The families gathered too in their warm houses, in their neighbourhoods and waited for the time to begin. Christmas cheer was a motivator of joy on this night and every parent couldn’t wait for the clock to chime the time.

One by one they waited at the door and watched for the text message to arrive. For each it would be time as Santa would drive up in his firetruck and deliver a prearranged present for each boy or girl. Santa soon mounted his sleigh ( the pumper truck) with his elves hanging on, he started his trek down the local streets. Sirens blaring and lights glaring, for those who didn’t know came running outside to see where the fire was and for those who did the Christmas jig had begun. For Santa it was cookies, and milk sometimes beer or a shot. It was a jolly time and soon Santa had to be driven because he had too much Christmas cheer.

On arrival at the last house, the sirens were louder and the lights brighter. It was Santa’s own house and he was excited to be home. Out of the truck he ran shouting Merry Christmas and Ho HO HO waiting for the door to open and the wide eyes of his children before him. It all happened, the wonder, the surprise and the presents. As he walked down the stairs his youngest son pulled on his red suit and asked Santa why he was in the firetruck and not his sleigh. Santa didn’t know how to answer and before he could the little boy gave him his dad’s pager and told him to drop the presents because the truck was needed at a fire. Waving goodbye to Santa and Santa waving back trying not to laugh to loud his son yelled, “thanks but next time leave the firetruck for the firemen. “

So spin you a tale I did. Is it true, well it wouldn’t be a tale if I told you now would it. Now it’s time to get the dog and get him to chase his tail and spin for me.

Merry Christmas to All. Peace Out.

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