The Things You See On A Walk

It’s finally stopped raining. The rain has been pretty steady now for about a week and today is the first day I could unbutton my feathers and rubber boots and go outside without coming back looking like a wet seagull. I was out the other day and it took me 3 days to dry my runners to where I could wear them again. Crazy west coast weather as always. Want to live in the Pacific North West? Become a duck.

So as I said it’s the first day without rain gear, hoods and wet feet. The sun had come out and being me I took advantage of the spirit of the day. It was a kind of get out and explore kinda day venturing out to the neighbourhoods I don’t necessary get to all the time. I passed through a construction zone, new to me, and a trailer park, I wanted to see what they were up too. I love my city on good days and wonder why I live here on the not so good. Today was in the middle, a mixed bag of do I or don’t I care, thoughts and driven directions.

Stopping home for a brief bathroom visit, I continued on my way with no direction in mind. So far so good. My time was on and my mood still bright I decided to grab my library book, a few dollars and do some errands on my way through the city core. Down toward the heli-jet and around the new park area I came across the new area where the city has been upgrading empty lands. Looks great and what a great idea since our small city seems to be growing. Toward the downtown I ran through the backside of the Port Theatre. Small groups of people stood around some homeless and some helping them out, I hope. I think we were all a little happy about the rain stopping and it showed in the numbers that I crossed paths with.

Through the streets I ran, did what I needed to do and decide to go home. A great day so far. Peaked into the casino and waved to the gentleman at the door remembering I had a few bucks on me yet I moved on. Still having things to do I started home.

So now here I am with the title in hand, what did I see that was so unusual today. Not the seagulls scrapping for food, not the hot heads who drove through the puddles getting me wet and not the Christmas shoppers waiting in long lines making noises under their breath. What did I see.

Just about home I came across a caravan of homeless people shopping carts in tow. Where were they going I thought, always a feeling in my heart for their personal tragedy. They were huddled in a small parking lot seeming to have a conversation amongst themselves. As I looked up on my side of the street I noticed one young man also with cart in tow standing beside the fence of a city lot with the biggest grin I could imagine seeing. What was he up to I thought? I panned the area and noticed he was diligently working on removing a private no access sign that was welded to the fence. Ok, I thought, it will take him a long time with the small knife he seemed to be using. He kept one eye on the fence and one eye on me smiling the whole time. I watched also the other side of the street and the gathering there. They too seems to be watching. I walked on waving my have a good day hand sign and headed home still in a boggle as to what I observed.

Well I think he thought he could cut through the heavy chain link fence let his friends in and they could make a plan to stay. Good luck because as I crossed the street I think maybe they were about to get caught.

A day in the life. Thoughts are like magnets and I hope the message I send to them was to own themselves and try to find a better opportunity to find shelter than a vacant lot where they would be chased out. The young man felt he was problem free and why would he want to be like me. I had bills to pay, children to raise, decisions to make over my future and a job to hold down. He was happy living in the moment and he had no worries.

You know that made me ponder. Maybe I need to downsize my thinking and think smaller to think bigger. Peace out.

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