Happiness Is a Humble Pie

Today is baking day and looking at this picture I took, you may well ask yourself if I am, baked, that is.

Hahaha, naw not necessarily that kind of baker, yet please help yourself.

I gave up baking many years ago when I gave into a new view of preparing food. I found out I am a borderline celiac. So instead of trying gluten free I just don’t eat wheat or flour of any kind. One day out of the year I will bake for those around me because why cheat them out of cheating on their diets if they are on one. So of course I sat down, first mistake, to make my shopping list and according to Suzanne, the list changed numerous times. In my head everything sounds great yet will it? I doubt and then I do. I think I’ve changed my ideas at least 3 times now going from fruit tarts to cream tarts to cheese cake. What to do, she says, what to do.

Well it was easy I decided to make myself a challenge and do a few of everyone in a tart asking for the opinions of others, second mistake. I decided to use a shortbread cookie dough for the crust, yummm, and fill with a custard and another compliment to the custard. I did as my heart advised and asked for the criticism, not advised. I think I can clearly mark that as third mistake.

The tarts went fast. In fact I questioned how they could have tasted them without chewing. My mind said take the simple and now make it complicated, because it’s Christmas and I wanted to be the hit. So again I tried took the best samples and added a condiment of walnuts to the banana cream, blueberries to the vanilla cream and coconut to the already coconut cream. Then I wanted a chocolate one so I made chocolate cream tarts. I’m a mess, mentally and physically. My mind is overcome with choices and my tummy is devastated from trying the tarts and being a no dairy no wheat person. Yet I’m done and so are all my tarts. Tomorrow I will begin again for real as these ones will be put away for the Christmas supper. I will be anxious, stressed and hopefully surprised at the outcome. No crumbs left on the plate and everyone a gooey mess.

So to day I baked, and those around me I found out were baking too. Baked bakers all in a row and how did I know? Well when the grins come out and they ask for more after way too many I know. So it’s now time to sit back, kick back and relax as I am way to full do clean up, too tired to put away the baking and wishful for some elf to come along and do it when I sleep.

Good night one and all. Oh I forgot it’s movie time and the movie tonight is White Christmas followed by the Grinch. Peace out and enjoy your baking.

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