Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through the town all creatures were busy and there were, so many sounds. The hustle and bustle of shoppers in tow with kids that were kicking and screaming to go. Home, home sweet home, where things were much better some say it still mattered. Shows on tv and toys all a scattered. There is mom in the kitchen, still yelling at the dog and dad still at work to pay for it all. “It’s almost here” could be heard from all places and most just wanted to have beers in most cases. Some were a wrapping the gifts for the tree and others still shopping the malls, the parking lot not a place to be. Some hoped it was over before it had begun and others loved the atmosphere whatever it had become. Grandmas too were still busy this day for whose was making the desserts? The phone call came in just as she lay down to sleep better get up for there’s nothing to eat. So Christmas is coming and coming is quick. Before we know it it will be the day after, the morning after, the bills now come after and it begin, it will, all over again. Theres no rhyme, reasons we ponder, I hoped you liked it, even as you wonder, it’s 10pm do you know where you are?

Hows your day before the day before Christmas? Have a good one and as always Peace Out.

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