Candle Power

Photo by Hakan Erenler on

I tell you there’s nothing more heart pounding than coming home from a run seeing the fire department in front of your place. Lights in full flash mode firemen huddled in talk and some of the other owners seeming dazed, yet I didn’t sense any fear. Wasn’t sure yet, what if? I had just text my partner informing him I was on my way home and he never mentioned this?

The first thing I thought was what, so I asked. Our neighbour was outside milling about with my partner, the firemen engaged now in activity, was our building on fire? I didn’t sense any panic, so I presumed not, yet no one was telling me anything. Finally getting some answers I was told that my guy and another had heard a loud boom then the lights went out. At the very same time as I heard this one of the firemen mentioned they were off to an accident. This apparently was the cause of our dilemma. Ok, what now? Candles, do I have any? We had just done a dejunking and I’m not sure if I had kept any. I wanted to get new ones and had I? Ah, yes I remembered I had some given to me as gifts and pulled them out.

So here I am, sitting in the dark writing to you by candlelight. Ambiance yes, getting cold that’s a very hard yes. Estimated time not hours just depending. What to do now. I just realized I’m hungry. No power means no stove which means no cooking. If only we had kept our barbecue. Yes that too was given away in hopes to get a new one in the spring. Karma, hey I’ve been good, no reason to come down on me.

I guess I will make this short and sweet. On with my coat, gloves and armed with my cloth bags I’m off to the corner market to see what I can get. No sense getting something already cooked that needs to be reheated and I really don’t feel like a longer walk to restaurant row. I’m going to hope that they have sushi or Poke” and I will pick up some fruit.

Have a happy power on, lights on soon kinda evening and keep your fingers crossed, it will be sooner than later.

Peace Out.

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