Push The Button

Getting into an elevator should be quite an easy thing to do.

First you walk into the building which houses the elevator with the intention of going up. There is always purpose, an action, or a reason that the elevator could be used. In service, then you can, not in service, you use the stairs. Once you get to the doors you usually, most always push a button allowing you to wait until the numbers come to where you are. Wait time can be seconds or minutes depending on the elevator and its age. Still this should be an easy process for one to accomplish at any time. Most of the time.

Has there ever been a time when…?

Today was my turn to have use for an elevator. Once inside the front doors of the building, I walked to the elevator and noticed a family also waiting. While we were waiting another couple approached and before the elevator opened its door there was a few of us all wanting different floors. The bell chimed, the doors opened and in all its magnificent wonder we stepped inside. I always think too at this point if there could be a chance that the power could go out and here I would be stuck in this contraption without a way out, until rescued. Not today I said to myself and smiled at all the faces around me.

“Doors close”, I thought, the wait is killing me. It’s in those seconds breath held the wait intensifies. Who will push the closed door button so we can go UP. All inside someone reached out to press the floor number needed and a young girl steps up to the panel and asks politely, “mommy can I push the button?” “Of course you can” she replied and was told what number. She thought about it and lead her fingers to the panel and counted out each number looking approvingly to her mom. “Thats right, go ahead.” and she did. Now I was in the back so I waited for the next adult to push and if they pushed, then I would be silent. So a man stepped up and stretched his hand out and again the little girl said “can I push the button?” Well what was he going to say, NO? So she was told which floor and again counted out all the numbers until her mom nodded which was the correct one. Do I continue or do you get the jest of the story. We went around, the little one asking each of us for direction and pushed the appropriate button for the floor. Believe me, there isn’t a lot of floors yet you think we had. I’m not sure how long it took but I bet I could have done the floors running in less time.

The little girl looked about one last time and up we went each of us getting off at the floor we needed to be on. The family happened to get off at the floor I did and as I turned to go my way I heard ” Oh, mom that was fun.” She took a glance my way smiled and asked me in her little voice, “When are you going back down?” I smiled back unsure of the time yet I had funny feeling that when I did she would be once again waiting for all of us to go down.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas and now I can say Peace Out into the New Year.

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