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I want to discuss Options vs Uptions.

What do you think I am going to say to you today. Options are defined as opportunities presented in many ways of which you may choose. Uptions are…… well I think I’d like to explain this a little more before I give you an answer.

When I think about options I already know what’s in my purview. I can see the focus of my intentions, the reality of my ideas as they are presented and the why of why I want to choose the option I do. Its all very realistic and all very logical. You may go through a check list to make the best choice and pick around this process and yes, sometimes one may be very spontaneous in the choice they choose in the end. What comes first the option or the idea? Do we see something first and then decide if we can have it or do we decide we want something and make the choices happen?

Uption. It’s a kinda one upping yourself when it comes to your decisions. Why not try to make the best choices before you see, hear or touch into the idea of option. Can one intuit a better option, choice or decision? Can one truly be honest about the thing wanted, in any case? This is Uption. Up the anti when it comes to want, what you want in life. Up the reason, make it a better reason than maybe would normally be made. Uption is careful, it’s truthful and it’s honest. It doesn’t necessarily make you happy in the moment yet it keeps you in the centre of your vision. Am I truly in need or is this a want because it’s a feel good thing. Feel good doesn’t last forever yet Uptions do. They are right choices, right reason and right understanding. Uptions take you farther into a future you really want, it takes you to the next level and it’s always there waiting to be chosen. You may not see Uptions like you see Options. Options are the normal range of choice, where when you Uption, you are thinking deeper and for a greater cause and the cause? Being yourself.

Option vs Options. You choose and when you do give it a minute and really think if it is an upgrade or not. That is the true definition of Uption.

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