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What do we learn when we learn? Is there a something or a sometime included in the learning. Do our memories contradict the memorization of the truth in learning? Do we really remember when we learn?

What about relating to learning? Or learning to relate? How about the relationship to learning? I want to be a more conscienous person or maybe just more understanding. Is compassion something we may have learned at some point to the present? How do we relate, to the relationship we have, to ourselves and with others. Those mirrors, the windows of the soul we tend to ignore every time we learn something important. Reflections are for reflecting, as mirrors are to see what we may need to learn though another.

Theres a reason we learn, a why to the relating and a need to know how to become the most resilient when it comes to learning the lessons of life. Relating too and in a relationship is learning to cope with a truth, a pattern that could run us under the radar. Short term memories, long term memorization can be detrimental to our health. The more we carry, the more we carry. We may have been able to learn in school yet ask an adult and most of it has been lost. Ask an adult what they learned as a child and I bet they will go more to what they didn’t learn. The most frequent is relating, respect and a better attitude when faced with obstacles. We know how to dig in and not give in yet do we know how to learn to forgive, not judge or simply acceptance.

I think when we learned we skipped over feelings or it was short class with no memorization. Learning is acquiring relating and relating comes in more than one way than one. When we fall down we know at some point we need to get up. How we get up is how well we learned. When we lie about some little thing do we remember that truth is invincible and when we relate to the truth we learn? We teach our children not to lie yet we show them every day that it’s ok when it serves the individual. How is that relating and learning what our relationship is to ourself and others?

Give yourself a moment, give yourself a minute and relate to who you are, what you are and how you are serving the greater good? Be honest and truthful where you could relearn and relate to your present circumstances and be a better person. We all have memory loss when it comes to the sometime or somewhere we did learn something that could light our path in purpose.

Peace Out and be good to yourself.


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Doors. Doors of all shapes and sizes. Doors that provide, doors that keep you safe inside and doors the have better opportunities than what you see on the outside.

Walking through doors is a daily activity, taking us through all kinds of circumstances. Doors open and doors close yet do we pay attention to what we find when a door opens as opposed to when one closes.

The first door is birth, on that particular day you’re born into the door of life and personhood, anointed by a given name and number. The last door is death and on that given day you walk through the door and fade into the distant memory of who you have been. Yet what about the many doors we walk through on any given day. These are not just doors which open and close at your will, they are the doors of fate. How many will you walk through? How many will you wander by without being tempted to open? More than you may think about. Every minute we consciously and unconsciously open doors. The long hallway of life gives us plenty of opportunity to find value in each and every door we stand before.

Some doors may be smaller than you would perceive and may be unnoticed. Other doors brightly coloured will cause you to stop and stare incorporating beauty to tempt you to walk through. Then there are the plain doors, ones that are worn out and stripped of paint and value. Have you noticed these? They have a voice all of their own. These doors have potential. They have synchronicity and most of all behind these doors is fate and chance to change. Why do we walk by them? Can you here purpose calling your name from the other side? What do you fear that you will find hidden behind these closed doors. Once in awhile you may walk by a open door in which you may see some things you may know and others that you do not. What do you do? What would you like to do? Do you follow your guts and at least peek in? Does fear hold you back when you don’t see anything you recognize?

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of our fate peeking out through the key hole at us hoping we will catch their eye. Come on in they would say this is where you belong. Yet most of the time unless we see our name, address and priorities in full view we are not tempted. We want to know the name of the door, the game, before we enter. You may say “I’m afraid to know.” Or ” What if I have to change?” It happens all the time. When was the last time you did, maybe today?

Let’s try walking down a hallway and opening up every door we pass by. Don’t just peek in but head on in and walk around, get a feel and understand what it offers. If you like it stay for awhile and learn before you open the next door. Create opportunity, acknowledge you as a person with abilities you never knew you had and find a love for life and living it with no regret.

A door a day will keep regret away. Make that you mantra and believe in the magic that you can make by opening doors.

On Strike

I think I will go on strike. I thought about it and I am. I don’t have one particular reason to strike yet there are so many things I could strike about. I may strike for happiness and joy, maybe for truth and a better playground for all of us to play in. It’s not that I will sit on my butt and do nothing that’s not what the strike is all about. Striking is about purpose and identity, being unconditional and responsible.

I will take into consideration all the debatable objections I receive and think about them wisely. I don’t think I will make any decisions about my strike until I find a mediator that understands my convictions. Striking is a responsibly and one that I don’t take on lightly. There is purpose in this, a purpose to be subjective and understood. One just doesn’t go on strike just because. One person gets off the merry go round and it doesn’t work anymore. My objective is not me, myself and I as a lot would think, it is about the greater good. Sometimes striking out is just like bowling. Determination and a strong arm can get it done, while in other situations a respect for the good of more than one can help resolve the issues.

Why go on strike? Most of the time strikes don’t resolve themselves and no one wins. What if it’s just about standing up for what’s right, what’s just and what’s true. What would happen if we all went on strike until the resolution is accepted and we can get back to the land of the living. Think about the present and not the past, concentrate on a future in which honesty is the best policy and the bully doesn’t always win.

Yup I’m all in for a strike for the cause of finally being happy. A happiness strike where we all stand around and laugh, sing and dance away the blues. Stopping traffic and believing in a better future for not just a few but for everyone.

Peace out.

Points Of View

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A point of view can come from all angles. It can be seen from a mountain top or at sea level. Sometimes through the looking glass or from a satellite far from the centre of the earth.

Whats the point of seeing the view? Where will it take you when you get there? Could it bring about a different view when you get there? Why would you want to see it differently or always the same?

Points of view can be overwhelming or comforting at its best. To get to the point is finding an understanding of where you are when you have to make the point you want to make. When you stand on the mountain top your view is dependant on the weather, clouded somedays and full on sunshine and the choice to see for miles on others. Just as sometimes your own self clouds your truth or you have clarity. The same goes when you stand in front of someone expecting them to see the same scene as you do. Is that possible? Our views are unique to each of us, we make a point of belief in what we have a mind for. Not everyones sun revolves around the same solar system when it comes to the popular vote.

Have a point to view, a viewpoint where you allow everyone to stand at the view point and see what they see, to exempt them from their personal view isn’t the best choice. No one wants their point of view blocked by obstacles.

The best point of view is the neutral zone on the 50 yard line. To be able to stand in a crowd and know who you are with the clarity of your own point of view. BE non reactive yet interactive and if you don’t know what to say, JUST SMILE!


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What do you think would happen if we opened the can of worms? Unscrewed the lid and let the bugs out? Remember when we would wonder how things worked? Marvelling at the beauty of the fireflies in the jar as we laid on the grass and was still? Where has the patience gone that was our only hope to capture the grasshoppers, on a hot summers day? What has happened to the child within? The one that used to grab her clothes and run out the door half dressed because someone told her the crayfish were back?

I want to wander about in the wonder of my universe. I want to see beyond the differences that I don’t understand. Can I relearn to relate to the sun up, sun down therapy of play? Sometimes I wonder what has happened to that little girl who loved life.

Someone just told me the other day that, anything you do is everything you do. Had to think about that one and I’ve come to the conclusion that theres a truth in that. Do we ever change even when we do it differently? Makes me wonder. We need to move our habits to the back of the line or better yet to send them to a different line. I don’t even want to explain to them why they are not wanted because I know that if I try I won’t win. Our expectations are winners and they will never be losers if they can win they will. I will take a lot of willpower to beat them yet I will begin to try.

Today I decided I want to, not need to, be a wonder to myself. Wandering about in the experience to see things in a way that is adventurous. To wander and wonder, to be and believe, to want to better what I think in a more positive way.

I will stand straight, stand tall and stand strong in who I am and hopefully make he world a wonderful place to be alive.


So I just wrote to you a heart felt message and all I see is the title.
Flustered, I anticipate a retraction in fear that my words were wasted on a blank page.
Then again maybe the answer is in the title. Maybe it wasn’t about all that I wrote yet what I felt.
Candles hold light, they give out light and they are a prayer we hold close.
Today is a candle day. The weather asks me to prepare for darkness. The candle then sits in my per view and asks me to engage in its flickering. It mesmerizing light takes me somewhere else, into the souls journey to know more.
It asks me, who are you, what are you and are you in purpose?

The day is an inside day, time to reflect as I watch the rain, wind and snow fall. To find solace in the question of what next.

A Day In The Life Of…..

I thought about my life just now, the imperfections, the inconsistency, the many reasons I exist. Yet with imperfection comes improvement, inconsistencies becomes actions to better outcomes and these reasons well I guess the quest becomes truth.
Im always on the road to purpose, to acknowledge myself as a light that lights my way. Sometimes I need to feed my soul first. Thats a hard one because being taught to be a healer I get caught up in the drum of living for others.
When I think about myself I tend to turtle inside sometimes thinking to much before I once again pop my head out. Seeing differently is a better way I’m learning. I learn everyday in every moment. I now question my motives and try harder to listen to the voice inside. The voice of the heart yes yet also the gut feelings.
Listening first is healing the self and then to reach out to others can create a powerful experience . It’s hard to live the truth yet now is the time to do so.
So here I am as always, hoping to make miracles happen, create choices that are sometimes uncomfortable and free my mind from the drum of mindless chatter.
Let’s be who we are, lights that light up our inner circle so we can then see where we are meant to go in purpose.
Spreading my wings and learning once again to fly with the wind instead of against it.
Love , loves through us.
Be real as you are realistic.
Have faith in you as you are faithful to others.
Get up. Get going and find out who you are.

Peace out and enjoy being the true you.