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New Year, new you? We all want to hope so, intend to do so, be inspired to be so. Yet what is the So? So what? So what it’s a new year? So what I’m suppose to change, what am I changing? It’s suppose to be challenging, no I don’t think so. Challenges are for the other guy, I’d rather just make a resolution and pretend. Thats what is the easiest. Resolutions are so old school. New me, new body, new diet.

Give it up, get going, give a shit? Why so I can fail. Now that’s a conversation we need to have. Why do we set ourselves up once a year, tell ourselves all kinds of stories just to never get it off the ground. We are airplanes without wings and we pretend to fly in our minds.

Intentions are more convincing. “I intend” gets you off the hook when something we swore to doesn’t materialize. Intentions are the mind blowers, when we intend something we may actually give a hoot (haha didn’t say sh…t). My intention is to be a better person. another would be would be to seek a healthier lifestyle. It’s time we set the table and sit down and eat. yet that’s not all it’s a conversation waiting to happen. No resolve, no paper airplanes just a willingness to find a right attitude giving us a chance to change a bad habit. Habits are hard as cement. Once they take hold they become black berry bushes that thrive in any condition. To break a habit we need to get out the rake, the shovel and the weed killer. The need to get down and dirty is the only way we will resolve any issue we face. There really is no instantaneous gratification when it comes to New Year resolutions. Dance with me here, be real and find a groove that works.

My intention is to just be me. So when I see me and I know me I then can decide if I like me. If you do, doing is loving, great keep improving and if you don’t, find a better way to love yourself. Be honest, be truthful and represent. You are the mirror wishing in the mirror be beautiful.

Peace out, enjoy the evening and tomorrow the work starts.

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